Fleet Management

Fleet vehicle management is an important part of our international economic infrastructure. We probably couldn’t imagine life without mail service or buying products from Amazon and receiving it 2 days later. It includes a wide range of industries, such as delivery and logistics services, private and public transportation companies, landscaping and construction, medical and emergency medical response services and law enforcement agencies.

All of the services listed above rely on effective time and material management with proper maintenance of their company’s employees and vehicle fleet in order to minimize the risks involved in their investments. This is why it is important for fleet management and service business to constantly work in improving and enhancing the level of their efficiency, safety and productivity in order to provide the best service to their customers and clients.

One of the highest costs involved in operating a fleet management business is the cost of labor, followed closely by the maintenance of its vehicles. Another crucial factor which contributes to the overall efficiency and profitability is fuel costs. Optimal performance is achieved when fleet businesses are able to streamline the amount of time, money and resources that goes into monitoring employees, maintaining its vehicles and minimizing fuel waste.

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How GPS Tracking Helps Fleet Management

GPS tracking is one of the most advanced and efficient methods of effectively managing a fleet of vehicles. Vehicle tracking systems provide accurate and precise location information, usually within a few feet of the device. Incremental position updates are then made every few minutes or seconds depending on tracking method chosen.

The GPS data collected includes:

  • Date and time of travel
  • Direction of travel
  • Latitude and longitude (or street addresses)
  • Duration of idle time
  • Speed of the vehicle

Number of miles logged

Fleet managers and dispatchers are able to see precisely where their vehicles are, how fast they are traveling, and the number of stops they performed. The location data gather from real-time GPS tracking systems greatly reduces the need to have constant verbal contact with the driver by cell phone or by two-way radio while on the road, reducing the risk of accidents.

GPS tracking systems are a cost-effective solution to help increase the overall efficiency, safety and productivity for fleet businesses and services, and can even be used to yield a potential return on investment.

GPS tracking systems provide a wealth of useful features that can help save companies’ valuable time, money and resources by allowing them to focuses not only on vehicle operation, but the personnel and equipment that support them. Some of the advantages of real-time GPS tracking for fleet management include:

  • The ability to flexibly schedule drivers for those unexpected calls,
  • Add or remove a stop from the schedule, navigate around traffic tie-ups and substitute one driver for another.
  • Verification as to when mobile employees clock in and out
  • Access to a year of back history with full downloadable statistics. This can be utilized for tax depreciation and tax write-off purposes
  • Security, prevention and recovery of their vehicles in the case of theft.
  • Geo-fencing capabilities, which allows users the option to receive a text message or email alert when a vehicle travels outside a pre-set geographic zone.
  • The ability to determine more accurate Estimated Time of Arrival for customers and clients.

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  • Localized material transport: Construction material suppliers, catering, messenger service, document courier services, parts delivery and many others.
  • Bus systems and taxi services or car rental agencies.
  • Public service organizations: police, fire and medical rescue, snow plowing, environmental and forestry services.
  • Companies that specialize in time and temperature sensitive, classified or hazardous materials.
  • Long-haul trucking services.
  • Dumpster Services

Globe Tracking, a leading distributor of passive and real-time GPS tracking systems since 1996, provides some of the most advanced and innovative GPS tracking devices that have been designed with precision, simplicity and durability with the goal of elevating the overall efficiency, safety and productivity of fleet transportation businesses.



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