Law Enforcement

GPS trackers have not only been effective in fighting crime. It has also helped law enforcement agencies and police departments enhance the efficiency of parolee, supervised probation and house arrest programs.

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Electronic Monitoring

Electronic Monitoring is the official term used to describe GPS tracking for individuals whether its monitoring a sex offender or keeping track of an elderly patient in a senior car facility. Electronic monitoring can be effectively used in the following applications.

Pre-trial Supervision
Parole Supervision
Supervised Probation
House Arrest Electronic Monitoring
Tracking Sex Offenders
Juvenile Probation
School Truancy
Home corrections for runaway teens
Gang Intervention Monitoring
Domestic Violence Offender Monitoring

More and more law enforcement agencies, adults with elderly parents, parents of small children and teens are employing Electronic Monitoring to ensure the safety, good behavior and wellbeing of those at risk.

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