Greg Munoz, Hammond Caulking Inc.

I finally found a GPS fleet tracking system that works without fail and is affordable, reliable, accurate, fast and real-time data you can use, cutting edge features and 4G service. I amazed how much I get for my fleet dollar….nothing else comes close.

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Yusef Sudah, CAO, Dieseltek Inc. Las Vegas, NV

I am the CAO of Dieseltek Inc. Global Tracking Dot Net shows the kind of service commitment that an employer needs and wants from a local business. Service, Service, Service is the key for us and the industry we service. When we call, Global Tracking Dot Net is there to service our request for assistance 24/7!

Eric Wheeler, CEO, Dieseltek Inc., Las Vegas, NV

“My company service the heavy duty diesel industry. This industry never sleeps and moves every product that you find in your local grocery store, specialty store and even your car was brought to the dealership by truck. I believe in the Infinity GPS Tracking system because this system offers a host of features that allow real-time access to whatever is being shipped.

This system can be set up with custom parameters to meet every need. This system is reasonably priced and much more advanced than any other system that we have seen available on the market.

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