Enduro Pro Ankle Case


Enduro Pro Ankle Case – Key Features
* Dirt Proof
* Light weight
* Easy mounting
* Low Risk Security

Designed exclusively for use with our best-selling Enduro Pro GPS Tracker, the affordable Enduro Ankle Case offers a simple solution for utilizing the Enduro Pro as an ankle bracelet tracker.

Simply insert the Enduro Pro GPS Tracker into the Enduro Pro Ankle Case housing pocket, shown above, and adjust the ankle strap to the desired size. Constructed of hardened ABS plastic, the Enduro Pro Ankle Case provides adjustable fitting, the level of durability required for long term, everyday use, and the convenient option of easy removal.



Enduro Pro Ankle Case

Ideal for:
* Pet Tracking
* Teen Tracking
* Child Tracking
* Alzheimer’s Patients
* Home Based Correction
* Law enforcement: Low risk Offenders
* Nursing Facilities: Patient Security

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