Hibernating Asset Tracker

Ideal for:
* Shipment Tracking
* Vehicle Tracking
* Asset Tracking

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GL500 – Key Features

* Shows location in real-time
* Reports location every minute
* Waterproof
* Hibernates to conserve battery life
* Battery life up to 2 and half years.
* Low Battery Alarm
* The Size a credit card

Real Time GPS Tracking

* Tracks your vehicle in real-time
* Allows you to check back on history of past activities and locations
* Shows where the device stops and for how long.
* Displays your vehicle’s location in familiar Google, Google Earth, Virtual Earth, Bing or Mapquest maps.

Interactive Map Boundaries

* Geofences (virtual boundaries on the map) let you highlight important locations on the map, (home, school, work, friends, etc.)
* Receive alerts by text or email when your vehicle enters or leaves locations.

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